21 Tips for Cheaper Car Insurance – Introduction

Some of the biggest causes of confusion and frustration amongst new drivers revolve around how car insurance premiums are calculated and what can be done to get the best deals.

This series of short blog posts will shed some light on this topic and hopefully be of benefit to young and inexperienced drivers not just here in High Wycombe, but all across the UK.

21 Tips To Help Young Drivers Understand Car Insurance Premiums And How To Get The Best Rates

Introduction. First of all, be realistic.

All insurance providers determine your insurance premium by assessing the risk of paying out on any claims which involve your vehicle.

As a young or inexperienced driver, it stands to reason that you are more likely than, say your parents, to be involved in an accident in your first year of driving solo.

It is reasonable then that insurance companies will charge you a higher premium than they would charge experienced drivers for your first year’s cover.

Having said that, factors other than your age and driving experience are taken into consideration when insurance underwriters set your premium.

This series will give you 21 tips on lowering the cost of your car insurance where possible, and help you understand which factors are simply beyond your control.

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