21 Tips for Cheaper Car Insurance – 16

16. Build up your no claims discount (NCD).

One of the greatest factors impacting your car insurance premium is the number of years no claims discount. You can get up to and beyond a 75% discount for 5 years plus motoring with no claims on your policy. The more years you are claims free, the bigger the discount you can expect from a good insurer. Beyond a certain point – normally 5 to 9 years – you won’t get any more of a discount as you will already have achieved “maximum no claims”.

Some insurers will give you credit for being a named driver on someone else’s policy, but typically only if you stay with that insurer.

Most insurers will insist you build up your no claims discount independently as the main policyholder. This no claims discount will usually be acceptable to any other UK car insurer provided you haven’t had a break in driving (as the policyholder) for longer than a continuous 2 year period. Always check the no claims discount rule with your insurer as there is some variation in this area across insurers.

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