30 Tips To Help Learner Drivers Pass Their Driving Test (part 8)

8. Positioning At Stop Lines

How do I know when the front of my car has reached the stop (or give way) lines?
This is a frequent question learner drivers ask.

While the answer can vary slightly from car model to car model, here is a good rule of thumb…

As you approach the stop line it will disappear beneath your bonnet out of the windscreen, but as you continue forward a little it will line up, in your right side window, with your right wing mirror (usually the bottom of the wing mirror).

On narrow roads where the stop lines are not visible at the sides of your car, you will quickly learn to estimate the distance you need to continue forward to the stop line once it disappears beneath your bonnet.

Knowing how to position your car at stop lines will ensure you are best placed for maximum visibility without encroaching on the path of other road users.

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