30 Tips To Help Learner Drivers Pass Their Driving Test (part 10)

10. Safe Braking

Learner drivers are constantly being told they shouldn’t press the clutch down too early while braking. This makes a lot of sense because all the time the clutch remains engaged you get the benefit of ‘engine braking’. In other words, you are not simply coasting to a stop which gives you less control and can take considerably longer.

On the other hand, learners worry about stalling if they don’t get the clutch down in time when stopping. Thankfully, there is a good general guide which gives you all the benefit of engine braking WITHOUT the risk of stalling your car.

To perform a safe, controlled stop, first check your mirror(s) to see how much space you have around your car. Then begin braking accordingly. As your car slows down, at some point you will begin to feel the brake start to judder under your foot. As soon as you feel the faintest of judders, that’s the perfect time to press the clutch pedal down.

This gives you all the benefits of engine braking and ensures the clutch goes down before you risk stalling the car.

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