30 Tips To Help Learner Drivers Pass Their Driving Test (part 11c)

11. Stop-Start Traffic & Following Distances

iii/ If you make sure you can always see the bottom of vehicle in front’s tyres, you will avoid ‘rear-ending’ it. Whether you only drive around postcodes: HP11, HP12, HP13 or you venture further afield, low speed rear end collisions remain among the most common accidents on our roads.

Even the most experienced drivers can momentarily lose concentration in a long queue of stop-start traffic. It’s hardly the most exciting aspect of driving! If you are in the habit of driving so close to the vehicle in front that you can’t see the bottom of its tyres, you are a prime candidate to add to the statistics of low speed rear end collisions. Don’t become another statistic!

If you run into the back of someone’s vehicle, it will almost invariably go down as a ‘fault’ accident on your record. This will almost certainly result in a higher renewal premium for you. It could also mean that your car and/or the vehicle in front are off the road for repairs – a massive inconvenience and can be expensive.

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