30 Tips To Help Learner Drivers Pass Their Driving Test (part 11d)

11. Stop-Start Traffic & Following Distances

iv/ At dual carriageway / motorway speeds, rear end collisions are not just inconveniences. They can be deadly.

If you hit a motorbike at speed, you can imagine the likely outcome for the rider yourself. Hitting a car at speed can cause serious injury (or death) to the occupants of either car. If you rear end a lorry, without being too graphic, the lower part of your car travels further beneath the lorry than the top part of your car. Any emergency services professional will tell you there is never a happy outcome in this scenario.

The beauty of the ‘2 second rule’ is that it negates the need to memorise and calculate those stopping distances you had to memorise for your theory test. All that is necessary is watch the vehicle pass any point at the side of the road and simply count “one Mississippi, two Mississippi”. If you reach the same point before you’ve finished counting YOU’RE TOO CLOSE – BACK OFF!!!

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