Learner Drivers Can Now Drive on Motorways with Trained Instructors

In order to make sure that learner drivers have the knowledge and experience to drive safely on motorways, certain changes are occurring that will allow learner drivers to drive on motorways with approved driving instructors and in a car that has dual controls. While these lessons will be voluntary, the instructor will be able to decide if the learner driver is advanced enough to drive on the motorway. This means that not all learner drivers who wish to take motorway lessons will be allowed to do so, as they must listen to the discretion of the instructor. Currently, it is only possible for a learner driver to have motorway lessons after they have passed a driving test, but this practice will allow them experience on the motorway before their test.

What to Expect

This change will occur at a later date in 2018, and will be well-publicized so that both learner drivers and instructors are aware of this change. Additionally, the publication will inform other drivers of the upcoming change so they will be aware of learner drivers on the motorways. There will be an update to the Highway Code rules on motorways to ensure that everyone who drives has this information going forward.

While learner drivers will be able to drive on the motorway with a driving instructor, they will not be allowed to drive with a trainee driving instructor on the motorway. Only learner drivers who are in cars will be affected by this change, as learner motorcyclists will not be allowed to take lessons on the motorway.

Vehicles and Training

The instructor will be able to decide if they want to keep their roof-top box on during the lessons on the motorways or if they want to remove it. However, the L plates on the rear and front of the car will have to be displayed if the box is removed. Driving instructors will not have additional training for these lessons, but their syllabus and learning materials will both be updated to include information on motorway lessons. In addition, the DVSA will provide extra assistance, guidance, and support to instructors to ensure that they are prepared for this change.
This change is being implemented to ensure that learner drivers are able to drive safely on the motorway before they have the chance to take their driving test. This experience will allow them to practice driving at faster speeds, learn how to enter and exit the motorway safely, and how to change lanes while keeping an eye on the rest of the traffic and ensuring their own safety.

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